Looking for ageless skin? We share our best tips from head to toe!

Looking for ageless skin? We share our best tips from head to toe!

Are you afraid of the fine lines and wrinkles that can appear on your skin over time? Yes, you can be a fountain of life-long youth! Let’s look at some of the tips to remain young as per the experts while smoothing your skin, decreasing stress, and enhancing brainpower.


  • Take a break

According to current studies, unnecessary stress levels or anxiety can increase physical changes within your body. Consequently, it can accelerate the process of early aging. Surges of cortisol and the hormone adrenaline can increase your heartbeat rate. Nowadays, as stressors appear unrelenting (work pressures, financial issues, traffic jams), chronic doses of cortisol and adrenaline can take a heavy toll on our emotional and physical health.


The best way to deal with such events is to include a meditation session in one’s daily routine, also known as a “relaxation response.” You can repeat a mantra-a sound, phrase, prayer, or word for ten minutes daily. Sit in a peaceful place, relax completely, and close your eyes to focus.


  • Consumption of healthy fat

Consumption of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, derived from walnuts, salmon, or seeds, can strengthen your bones and stabilize your overall moods. These foods can prevent the early signs of aging by minimizing inflammation within the body. Omega-3 acids can make your skin radiant and glow excessively!


  • Jump off the couch

Not only do workouts help you to burn calories, strengthen bones, boost mood, tone muscles, but exercise can also allow you to think logically and clearly. Walking daily for a few minutes can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s up to 40%. Regular physical conditioning can reduce anxiety and stress, and signs of aging.  You can participate in fun activities like dance, bike rides, swimming, and so on.


  • Develop a passion

It would be best if you discovered your favorite hobby or fall head over heels for an activity that will make you eager to jump up off your couch every morning. Remember, passion is a strong and addictive drug! The capacity to embrace life can enhance self-esteem while fuelling the immune system and improving cardiovascular health.


Banish isolation and boredom at all costs. It’s time to discover a new hobby in the form of a physical or a mental pursuit. Take up cooking or painting classes, commence with a daily running program, or register with a book club.


  • Drinking red wine

Red wine can reverse your aging process significantly; thus, you should enjoy a glass of red wine. However, you shouldn’t consume more than four ounces or one glass of wine per day from the perspective of your health.

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