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Having flawless skin, free from fine lines and wrinkles is a dream for many. With advancements in the cosmetic medical industry, there are a number of effective skincare treatments that meet all the requirements. One such aesthetic treatment is the fire and ice facial treatment which is helpful in treating aging symptoms and to improving skin texture. Fire and Ice Skin facial treatment is a modern and intensive procedure and is also called “The Red Carpet” Facial. The treatment has noticeable results and is a very effective treatment for skin brightening, skin smoothing, and skin tightening.

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What is Fire and Ice Facial Treatment?

Fire and Ice Facial treatment is a combination of two treatments and involves the use of an intensive resurfacing masque. The Fire and Ice facial generates heat through a chemical peel and uses a soothing mask to cool it down. This skincare treatment is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, reduce other aging symptoms, cleanse the deep clogged pores, and achieve resurfacing of the skin. It also helps to eliminate the acne and improve the acne scarring.

How does Fire and Ice Facial work?

As mentioned above a resurfacing masque is used in the treatment. It is clinically formulated and contains extracts of green tea, 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, and citric acid, along with lactic acid, malic acid, and potent antioxidants, retinol, and vitamin B3. As the masque begins to work, the cinnamon scent causes a tingling heat sensation on the skin. This is the first part of the treatment.

After the face is treated with the heat masque, the second part of the treatment begins. Here, a rejuvenating mask is used to soothe and cool down your skin. This is an intensively hydrating masque that contains aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, extracts of Japanese green tea, extracts of grape seeds, licorice extracts, and rosemary extracts. This pampering masque cools down the initial chemical peel and makes the skin glow.

Skin Care Prior to the treatment

Before undergoing the Fire and Ice Facial, it is important to prepare your skin for better, long lasting results. Here are some things to be considered;

You should avoid any kind of laser skin treatment at least for 48 hours before the Fire and Ice Facial Treatment;

Avoid waxing too;

If your daily skincare products such as facial soaps and creams contain glycolic acid, Vitamin A, or other ingredients used for skin resurfacing, then you should stop using these products at least three days before the treatment;

Note that some medications may interact with this facial treatment and can cause adverse effects. Hence if you are taking any kind of medications or undergoing any medspa treatments, you should inform your treatment provider;

During the Fire and Ice Facial

When the fire mask comes in contact with your skin, you will feel a slight tingling sensation due to the heat in it. The tingling heat sensation will continue even after the masque is taken off. However, once the cooling ice masque is put on the skin, the burning sensation of the skin is neutralized. It gives a soothing and rejuvenation experience.

Post Fire and Ice Facial Treatment

Once the treatment is complete, some nutrient rich serums are applied to the skin which helps in protecting, soothing, and hydrating your skin further. Post treatment your skin may have some redness but this should subside and you will notice that your skin looks absolutely flawless and has that lasting glow.

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