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Sometimes looking in the mirror can be very daunting. As we age, we start to see broken capillaries, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, fine lines and freckles. An effective solution for these common concerns is the Limelight IPL Photofacial. This treatment is commonly used to treat areas such as the face, neck and chest but it can be help rejuvenate any area you have skin problems.


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How Can I Improve The Overall Appearance of My Skin?

At Luxe MD Aesthetics, we offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Limelight Photofacials that’s effective treatment that is specifically suited for skin that’s been affected by age spots, brown pigments and redness caused by broken capillaries. The treatment helps restore the skin to a clearer, more youthful appearance. By treating a deeper layer of the skin, IPL Photofacials stimulate collagen growth and helps improve the skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. IPL Photofacials are also a great treatment solution for reducing the appearance of redness and helping create an even and natural complexion. If you suffer from severe acne and experience issues combating the redness and inflammation caused by acne, IPL Photofacial treatments can help. IPL Photofacials can help eliminate large pores and thus reduce the appears of acne on your skin without the need to constantly apply topical products that dry out the skin.

How Do They Work?

The Limelight IPL Photofacial is an innovative, customizable approach to skin rejuvenation. Rather than releasing just one wavelength of light like standard laser treatments, Limelight is an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment that releases many different wavelengths. Because the light is less concentrated, an IPL treatment involves minimal discomfort and runs less of a risk of damaging the skin.

Who Makes a Good Candidate For Them?

The Limelight IPL Photofacial can improve a variety of skin issues, including freckles, rosacea and age spots, but it is particularly beneficial for reducing sun damage and restoring skin radiance. The Limelight is customizable for any skin type and treatable areas include face, neck and décolleté.

What Can I Expect? What Are Their Results?

For a Limelight IPL Photofacial, the treatment can be completed in less than an hour and a mild sunburn sensation may be felt afterwards but lasts for a few hours. Typically, patients will benefit from two to four treatments every four weeks. Significant improvements are often noticed after two to three weeks. Complexion will become clearer and healthier looking.

Learn More About Limelight IPL Photofacial Treatments at Luxe MD Aesthetics of Las Vegas

Limelight IPL Photofacials are a convenient way to improve the appearance of your skin, is suitable for both men and women and requires no down time.

Dr. Sharma and his team at Luxe MD Aesthetics understand the distinct needs of their patients in the Greater Las Vegas region. They are experts at listening to patients’ goals and helping them find suitable solutions to achieve them. If you’re interested in learning more about Limelight IPL Photofacial treatments and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us online or give us a call at (702) 478 7180 today!

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