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Are you frustrated with unsightly acne or acne scars that just won’t go away. You have tried oral and topical medications with no success! Here at Luxe MD Aesthetics we utilize the 1064 Acne laser treatment to address hard-to-treat areas with great success. No matter what your skin type, our Laser Acne treatment can help you on your journey to repair skin damaged by acne. The 1064 laser penetrates the layers beneath the skin to deep clean facial pores and remove deep rooted oils to significantly improve the appearance of acne. This treatment drastically reduces pore size and leaves a glowing complexion.


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What About Acne? Can Lasers Help With That Too?

Acne is often caused by bacteria, oils and dead skin cells clogging the pores of the skin. With the 1064 laser acne treatment, patients can reduce their acne substantially and gain a significantly smoother skin appearance.

How Does It Work?

The treatment works by using the controlled long wavelength laser to heat and kill bacteria lurking on the surface of the skin and penetrate the skin’s outer layer to disrupt overactive sebaceous glands, which produce oils. In addition to these two benefits, the 1064 laser acne treatment encourages the growth of new skin cells and collagen. The 1064 laser acne treatment can help correct lines, rough skin and scars that have developed due to pre-existing acne. The treatment is safe, effective and produces long-lasting results.

Who Makes A Good Condidate?

The 1064 laser acne treatment is an ideal light-based therapy for both men and women who are currently struggling with acne or have lingering concerns related to previous breakouts. Due to its ability to not only affect the oils and bacteria that cause acne, but also to improve redness and scarring, the 1064 laser acne treatment is an excellent treatment for patients seeking to enhance the overall cosmetic appearance of their face. The 1064 laser acne treatment is most commonly used on the face and neck with no discomfort or downtime.

What Can I Expect? What Are the Results?

Because the 1064 laser acne treatment is essentially penetrating the skin, there can be some discomfort experienced. The most common sensation is the feeling of a mild sunburn shortly after treatment. However, this discomfort will go away shortly. Although some results will be instantly noticed, as time goes on the areas affected by acne will gradually improve as collagen production increases after the treatment. Lines and scars will be addressed from pre-existing acne, and future acne will be greatly reduced.

Learn More About Laser Acne Treatments at Luxe MD Aesthetics of Las Vegas

Laser Acne treatments are an excellent way to improve the appearance of your skin and restore your self-confidence. Lasers have been used in medicine for decades, their safety and efficacy are well-proven and they have a long track record of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Sharma and his team at Luxe MD Aesthetics recognize the specific needs of his patients in the Greater Las Vegas region. They are committed to helping patients achieve their skin care goals and restore their confidence. If you’re interested in learning more about our Laser Acne treatment and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation or give us a call at 702 478 7180.

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