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LuxeMD Aesthetics is committed to keeping our patients, employees, and community healthy.


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Meet Dr. Sharma

Dr Sharma is well respected primary care physician who has been practicing primary care and urgent care since 2007. He started his own practice in 2012 based on trust, respect, accessibility, quality and most importantly providing adequate time to the patients. He is a prized physician who has won many honors and testimonials over the years. His medical practice has been focused on preventative care and problem solving encouraging patients to get healthy. He also encourages the use of alternative medicine and follows and integrated approach.

Experienced in state of the art technology and services

Luxe MD Aesthetics is an endeavor to take this integrated approach to the next level. Traditional insurance coverage of treatments such as hormone replacement, weight loss, platelet rich plasma treatments, laser treatments, nutritional supplements at this time is very poor to say the least. Over the years we have noted when it comes to medical aesthetics trust, quality and affordability are big challenges that consumers have brought up.

Like his medical practice he wants patients seeking aesthetics treatments to have a cost effective, personalized solution and more importantly without any compromise of quality. To make this process easy we are offering free consultations at this time for the treatments that we offer at Luxe MD Aesthetics. We believe that if the patient understands, feels comfortable and believes what they are doing would benefit them, the results are invariably excellent. We share the information and you make the decision!

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