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For some women, the menopausal transition is an exciting new phase of life that means no longer having to worry about painful periods or getting pregnant. But for others, it is the beginning of a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster that may involve hot flashes, mood swings, trouble sleeping, pain during sex or depression. Women whose quality of life is suffering as a result of perimenopause or menopause may benefit from hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy, or hormone replacement therapy, supplies your body with female hormones it no longer makes naturally after menopause. This helps to restore the balance of hormones in your body, ease common menopausal symptoms and lower your risk of osteoporosis. Request a consultation with Dr. Bikas Sharma of Luxe MD Aesthetics today to learn more about your options for women’s hormone therapy.

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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women?

Hormones are your body’s biochemical messengers. They travel through your bloodstream to each part of your body to deliver instructions about what to do, when to do it and when to stop. Hormones are involved in numerous different processes, including your metabolism, your mood, your sexual function and your growth. Because they play a vital role in so many aspects of your health and well-being, a hormone imbalance can have whole-body consequences.

Hormone production changes naturally as a woman ages. This shift can cause a shortage of key hormones, such as progesterone, estrogen and testosterone that disrupts normal functioning of the processes mentioned above. The resulting symptoms can be painful and dispiriting, but hormone replacement therapy can offer relief.

What Are The Benefits Of Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is used to lessen symptoms caused by an imbalance of hormones, including:

Difficulty sleeping

Thinning hair

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Vaginal dryness

Discomfort during intercourse

Decreased libido

Bone thinning (osteoporosis)

Urinary problems

Mood changes and depression

Am I A Good Candidate For Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Dr. Sharma will assess your suitability for hormone therapy during a complimentary consultation. This appointment will involve a physical examination as well as a conversation about your symptoms and your medical history. Dr. Sharma will use this information to create a customized treatment plan that includes the type of hormone therapy, the dose and how long the medication should be taken.

Like almost all medications and treatments, hormone therapy has side effects and associated risks. These will be discussed thoroughly before you decide whether it is right for you. Hormone therapy is not recommended for women who have a history of heart disease, stroke, blood clots, severe migraines, high blood pressure or endometrial, ovarian or breast cancer. It should also not be used by women who are or who may become pregnant.

Your Hormone Therapy Treatment

Hormone therapy should be tailored to each patient and routinely re-evaluated to ensure it is still beneficial. Depending on your needs, Dr. Sharma will recommend estrogen-only medicines, progesterone-only medicines or combination estrogen and progesterone medicines. Testosterone therapy is also recommended in some cases.

Hormone therapy medications are available in a wide range of delivery methods. Pills designed for oral consumption are the most common form of hormone medication. There are also creams, gels, sprays, skin patches, injections, slow-releasing suppositories and vaginal rings. It’s important to balance benefits and convenience against risks and cost. Dr. Sharma aims to prescribe the smallest dose possible for the shortest amount of time that effectively helps your symptoms.

Learn More About Men’s Hormone Therapy In Las Vegas

Your hormones don’t have to rob you of joy during your well-deserved golden years. Hormone therapy can be customized to fit your specific needs and alleviate the menopausal symptoms that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

‍To determine if hormone replacement therapy is a good treatment option for you, talk to Dr. Sharma about your individual symptoms and health risks. Consultations are complimentary and can be scheduled by calling (702) 478 7180. or contacting Luxe MD Aesthetics online.

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