Forever Young with 24K Gold Facial

Forever Young with 24K Gold Facial

Apart from using it as a metal for crafting jewelry, gold is known to work miracles on your skin for centuries. Gold-induced products like gold masks and gold balms have been used since the time of Cleopatra, and in ancient Rome and China. It is a natural substance that can treat various skin problems, producing flawless, glowing skin.


When Gold infused products are massaged into the skin, it produces heat energy which releases negative ions that cleanse free radicals within the skin. It balances the acidity of body fluids even while penetrating your skin to gently heal your skin.  Gold has the properties to cool your skin, reduce inflammation, prevent wrinkles while giving you young, smooth skin.


Some of the benefits of a 24K Gold Facial include:


  1. Anti-aging property – Gold has properties that activate the basal cells of the skin. This increases elasticity which in turn reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, making you look younger.


  1. Prevents premature aging – Dry skin leads to premature aging which in turn makes you look older than your age. Another reason for premature aging can be due to free radicals formed in the skin cells due to pollution, dust, smoke, etc. Gold has properties to increase elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and increases blood circulation. These properties help fight premature aging.


  1. Slows down Collagen depletion – Collagen helps to maintain body flexibility and smooth skin texture. After the age of 28, the level of collagen starts to deplete. Even though the aging process cannot be eliminated, 24K Gold Facials help to gradually decrease the collagen depletion process.


  1. Stimulates skin cells – When gold is infused into your skin, the ions present to stimulate the cells and nerves in the body and increase blood circulation. This leads to healthier and younger-looking skin.


  1. Reduce acne and skin allergies – The antioxidant properties of gold act as a healing agent to increase blood circulation and reduce acne and other skin allergies or irritations.


  1. Treating inflammations – The cells are rejuvenated and renewed thanks to the oxygen that enters through the pores.  Moreover, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties present in gold prevents the skin from becoming swollen, hot, or red.


  1. Lightens complexion and preventing damage due to sun exposure – Tanning is the result of melanin produced in the body due to sun exposure. Gold can reduce melanin production thus, lightening your skin complexion.


24k Gold facials are formulated for all skin types.  They can rejuvenate and tighten your skin, improve skin tone and texture, reduce redness and dark spots, improve elasticity and hydration. Indulge yourself with a once a month 24K Gold Facial.

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