Laser Body Sculpting VS Skin Tightening

Laser Body Sculpting VS Skin Tightening

Laser Body Sculpting VS Skin Tightening

For many people, being countered with the topic of Laser Body Sculpting vs. Skin Tightening is baffling. This is because many believe that both these are alike but this is not the case. In reality, these processes use varied laser technology that delivers adequate outcomes. Here is a companion between Laser Body Sculpting and Skin Tightening –


  • Laser Body Sculpting 


Laser body sculpting uses a special laser body shaping system. It is a non-invasive way to reduce body fat through specific laser technology.


With this cool technology, you get the best results minus surgery, heat and pain.  Choosing the entire laser system allows low-energy lasers to dehydrate the existing stubborn fat deposits. This is then taken over by the lymphatic system to attain the desired shape using exercise. With the best team, it is easy to reduce your weight and lessen up to 10 inches! However, this is possible through regular exercise and dietary intake.


At Luxe MD Aesthetics Las Vegas, you get a non-invasive and painless treatment through Titan. This is an infrared light to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. The same impacts the dermis and elastin fibers to control the internal support structure. With ageing, the skin loses its elasticity and you end up facing wrinkles and cellulite.


  •  Laser Skin Tightening


By adopting laser skin tightening, it is easy to restore the lost elasticity of your skin. The entire process uses high-power laser light to rejuvenate and retain the elasticity of your skin.


The laser energy heats the tissue and tightens the collagen fibers. This helps to improve your skin and its firmness over time! It is similarly safe for all skin types and is a non-invasive intervention.


It also targets the heat to the collagen below the dermal layer. Thus, it boosts new collagen synthesis and firmer skin. Further, it helps to control wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin and keeps it in optimal condition.


The growing popularity of Laser Body Sculpting VS Skin Tightening


Despite the confusion about Laser Body Sculpting vs. Skin Tightening, the procedures are extremely easy and popular.


Although both use a non-surgical approach to enhance the appearance of the person yet differ extremely in their outcomes. For instance – in laser body sculpting, a laser is used to target and remove unwanted fat cells. This can help you to recover your best self, especially through the abdomen and arms. The entire process uses a small cannula, inserted below the skin so that the fat cells are broken down and suctioned from the body. This helps to remove fat cells and reshape the contour of the body.


Similarly, the skin tightening procedure uses laser technology to stimulate collagen. This helps to tighten and firm loose muscles especially in areas like the face, neck, etc.




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