Lasers and lights: how well do they treat acne?

Lasers and lights: how well do they treat acne?

We know how frustrating it is to suffer from acne. Besides, the pain and agony that come with them tend to leave well noticeable scars that, apart from leaving our appearance dull and rough, also have a major impact on our esteem. In treating them, we try so many skincare products, home-remedies to following celebrity skincare routines, and scheduling various appointments with dermatologists, we leave no stone unturned in treating acne, but it seems nothing seems to make this skin condition any better.


Treatment for Radiant Skin


For you, all people, who think there is no hope for your acne left, stay aback because there is a treatment that will make your skin radiant and with a smooth appearance. That treatment is laser acne treatment. This treatment works using the controlled wavelength laser to heat and kill bacteria lurking on the skin surface and penetrates the skin’s top layer to disrupt the overactive sebaceous glands, which produce oils. Since acne is often caused by bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells clogging the skin pores, their acne can substantially be reduced and become less noticeable with laser treatment. The best feature of this treatment is that its effect is irrespective of your skin type, and the laser effectively penetrates the skin layers and deep cleanse facial pores, removing any deep-rooted oil resulting in a significant improvement in the appearance of acne. Besides these benefits, laser acne treatment tends to accentuate the growth of new skin cells and collagen, which thus can help in making the skin appear youthful and vibrant.


Laser Acne Treatment


One of the best ones available in the market is 1064 laser acne treatment which makes up as an ideal light-based therapy for both men and women struggling with acne or having lingering concerns related to previous breakouts. Due to its unique ability to affect the oil and bacteria that cause acne and improve redness and scarring, it is an excellent treatment for those who seek to enhance the overall cosmetic appearance of their face. Regarding the after-effects, there may be a mild burning sensation post-treatment which will go away shortly. Although some of the treatment results can be noticed instantly, with time, the treated areas will gradually improve as with the increase in collagen production along with that, the lines and scars from pre-existing breakouts will effectively become less noticeable, and future acne will be greatly reduced.


Regarding the total cost of the treatment, it will vary, depending on several factors like the number of scars to be treated, the size and area being targeted, the number of sessions required, and the experience of the provider but generally falls in the range of $1000 to $2000 per treatment package depending upon the type of laser treatment opted. Although the treatment may require few sessions depending on recovery progress and severity of the condition, the results prove quite better than the present condition. So, don’t let acne demotivate you and stop you anywhere in your beautiful journey of life.

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