Razor or Laser? Know the facts

Razor or Laser? Know the facts

Most women would love it if the only hair on their bodies were either on their heads or eyebrows. The reality is that the everyday women spends a lot of time and effort getting rid of unwanted body hair.


So why not just use a good old-fashioned razor?


Advantages of using a razor:

  • You get instant results.
  • If you don’t nick yourself, it’s pain-free.
  • Razors are easily available and relatively inexpensive.
  • You can use it in privacy at home.
  • You can be hair-free for three to four days.


  • You can’t remove all hair by shaving (e.g., on the back)
  • You can get bumpy, irritated skin.
  • Shaving can cause painful ingrown hairs.
  • Your skin feels silky smooth for only a day at most.
  • It’s a never-ending process as the hair keeps growing back.


Now, what if you could eliminate unwanted body hair permanently and efficiently? Say goodbye to shaving, painful nicks and cuts and save time in your morning shower. Laser hair removal is the reliable, long term solution.


Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a highly concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair. The laser emits rays of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair called melanin.


This light energy is transformed into heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs, called hair-follicles embedded in the skin. This process vaporizes the hair and stops future hair growth. This technology allows you to eliminate hair on all body parts, including the face, legs, underarms, bikini line, arms, back, and chest.


Hair color plays an important role in determining the success of laser hair removal. The greater the contrast between hair color and skin tone, the better the outcome. Due to the natural growth cycle of our hair, you’ll most likely need a series of treatments to see optimal results. A typical protocol is six treatments, once every six weeks. The duration of each treatment session is determined by the target area, e.g. the upper lip can take 15 minutes, whilst a chest may take an hour.


The cost of treatment varies depending on the target area and the number of sessions required. The upfront cost can be more expensive than shaving but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long term. There are some potential risks and side effects with Laser hair removal including redness, swelling, slight pain or discomfort, and itching. Always consult a professional as you could experience more severe effects like bleeding, infection, or burns.

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