Reasons to Choose Dysport for a more Refreshed and Youthful You

Reasons to Choose Dysport for a more Refreshed and Youthful You

Don’t you wish you could freeze time? You could recapture the youthful and vibrant self you remember from your 20s. Unfortunately this is just a dream but there are ways to stop nature from taking its natural course. Many people may only know the buzz word Botox but the natural aging process can be managed with the use of other neurotoxins such as Dysport. Its important to have options and understand each product so you know what neurotoxin is right for you.


Dysport is botulinum toxin, which is proven to help reduce wrinkles appearing on the face. It is a minimally invasive treatment that will help you achieve a youthful and vibrant look. Since Dysport is a relatively new addition in the cosmetic treatment niche, here are a few reasons why it should be chosen for flawless skin.


Dysport is a cost effective substitute for Botox, and where Botox fails to show results, Dysport most certainly does. When injected in the recommended amounts, it relaxes facial muscles that prevent wrinkle formation. As with other neurotoxins, Dysport cannot eliminate wrinkles but certainly makes them less noticeable so maintenance is required.


A popular use for Dysport is to smooth out wrinkles in the glabella area (lines between the eyebrows) and across lines across the forehead. This is especially great for male clients who have stronger forehead muscles or older individuals with deeper lines and wrinkles. Where Botox fails to make a difference, Dysport seems to have an amazing result.


Dysport gently “fills” the lines (by relaxing the muscle) and makes the skin look more smooth and tighter. The procedures of injecting this miracle and potent toxin have refined over the years, eliminating the problem of “frozen look.” The spread of Dysport spreads more evenly as it has a lower protein concentration. This even spread over the affected area gives a more natural look.


The results of Dysport are visible within a week after treatment and are longer-lasting, usually 3-5 months.  One of the major reasons why Dysport is a preferred choice is the prevention of wrinkles. It not only treats existing wrinkles but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


This treatment has no downtime, is safe and effective for all skin types but is the preferred choice for male clients. The average cost if $425 making it a viable option for both budget conscious or the big spender.  As always, consult a physician or licensed professional when considering Dysport.

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