This fast advancing technology has taken the beauty industry to different levels. Body modifications and treatments have progressed along with it. Issues like excessive and fast-growing body hair have been a predicament faced by women since the birth of history. However, the wait ends now. Laser treatment has been taking the world by storm ever since it was used for aesthetical purposes. A highly concentrated ray of light is different from that emitted by a torch or a bulb. This non-invasive treatment procedure is safe and mainly without significant side effects apart from the slight initial irritation. A short, secure, straight-forward laser treatment could change your appearance with minimal effort. Most importantly, the treatment is quite affordable.


How Exactly does laser treatment work when it comes to hair removal?


The laser beam affects the melanin, the dark pigment present in the hair. The ray of light produces heat, which impairs the hair follicles in the region. The damage done to the follicles is permanent, which later inhibits the growth of new hair. The latest technique that is in vogue now is termed the CoolGlide. This device is designed to suit every individual patient’s needs precisely and ensures that there is no discoloration or damage to the skin in the surrounding area post-treatment.


What makes the laser hair removal technique so popular is that with the recent inventions in the field, this method of the hair removal process is suitable for both light-skinned and dark-skinned people. Initially, coarse hair and fairer skin tones were ideal for undergoing the procedure. But now, this mode of treatment caters to almost all skin types with a significantly reduced margin of any health hazards afterward.


What can you do to maximize the positive results of this treatment option?


Despite the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, there are certain things you can do before you go into the operation theatre to maximize the benefits. You might not do these things, yet these practices can improve the final transformation. The insider secrets can be a huge help so read on how you can do so.


  • Many might not be aware, but laser hair removal treatment is essentially a series of procedures. So, for the most part, you must remember that every appointment with the doctor is essential. The time in between treatments helps the baby hairs to grow so that they can be targeted better and more efficiently. The time required for each discreet process and the effectiveness of the treatment depend on the area under consideration. So following the doctor’s advice and instructions to the ‘T’ can be beneficial to the client.
  • Another practice that can yield excellent results is shaving the region before the treatment day. It might seem obvious, but shaving is not a prerequisite for laser hair removal. It helps the light beam fall directly on the follicles, thus accelerating the process.
  • Last but not least, the exposure to the sun should be limited during this entire period, and that’s why a good quality syn screen can work wonders!
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