Secrets to successful laser hair removal

Secrets to successful laser hair removal

Want to have smooth and hairless skin all the time? Opting for laser hair removal is the answer. Many people complain that even after getting this treatment done, their hair keeps growing back. They may advise you not to go for it. Fortunately for you, listed below are some exciting secrets for successful laser hair removal.


  1. Be regular with your appointments

Laser treatment involves a beam of light that is strong enough to destroy your hair follicles from their roots. Your doctor will advise follow-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. If you want good results, missing appointments isn’t an option. Unless and after you have gone through multiple laser treatments, your hair will not stop growing permanently. Since a lot of money is spent on this treatment, make sure you are regular with your appointments. The results will leave you in awe!


  1. Say goodbye to tweezing and waxing

Just like laser treatments, tweezers and wax pull out hair from its roots. Unfortunately, they are not as effective as laser treatments and are a waste of time and money. Since the purpose of laser treatments is to reduce hair growth, continuing to do waxing and tweezing is not advisable. They destroy hair follicles for a short period. Due to this, the laser treatment can prove to be ineffective as they’ll be no hair follicles left to finish.


  1. Shave, shave and shave

So, what if you can’t wax or tweeze? You can always shave. It’s a cheap and painless option. And guess what? It is also ideal for your laser hair removal treatments. In this way, the efficiency of the laser treatment can be increased manifold as the primary focus will then be on the hair follicles deep inside the skin. If the laser treatment causes unbearable pain to you, then shaving your hair will help reduce it. Using natural and organic products like aloe vera and coconut oil can also help reduce your pain.


  1. Steer clear of sunlight

After you get your treatment done, stay away from sunlight during the initial weeks. Sunlight can play a primary role in causing complications after your treatment. Laser treatments often make the skin a little sensitive so, it is best to stay away from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If heatwaves often occur in the place you reside in, staying indoors is a good option. Sunburns can make your already sensitive skin itchy, leading to further complications.


The rationale behind writing this article is to help you realize that laser is one of the best hair removal treatments. Due to several myths, people tend to get influenced. Nevertheless, as per scientific evidence, it is 100% safe and can give astounding results if you take all the necessary precautions. Follow the tips given above, and you’ll have a flawless and hairless body very soon!

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