Your Guide To Lip Injections, Facial Fillers

Your Guide To Lip Injections, Facial Fillers - Luxe MD Aesthetics

Your Guide To Lip Injections, Facial Fillers

Few of us have never cribbed about their thin lips! Otherwise, complaints like the lips are non-existent while smiling, feeling self-conscious about your lips because all the celebs and influencers seem to be born with a pair of full, luscious lips, etc are pretty common. With lip injections, fillers and facial augmentation you could say bye-bye to all these issues for good.


Lip augmentation with dermal fillers are the easiest and safest way to make your lips look more attractive, full, and plump. The process is fairly simple and does not require much except for a basic understanding of what you want your desired look to be. Juvederm, one of the most popular dermal fillers is often recommended by the leading names in the cosmetic industry and results are immediately apparent.


What Does The Lip Augmentation Process Entail?


Once you book an appointment the rest of the process takes place rather quickly and can be completed within an hour. The key steps involved are as follows.

  • First, a topical cream or a numbing agent is applied to the areas on and around the lips. This is to ensure that even the slightest discomfort is dealt with expertise so that the client has nothing to complain about.
  • Next, the dermal filler usually contains naturally occurring components like hyaluronic acid and is injected in the planned regions to make your lips look full and give them the shape you want.


It goes without saying that a blotched lip can be one of the most embarrassing and dangerous things to ever happen to anybody which is why choosing the right professional and following the after care are key aspects to consider before you go in for the lip augmentation.


What Are The Dos And Don’ts After Lip Augmentation?


The Dos:

  • Only wash the area with lukewarm water in the days following the procedure as per the recommendation of the doctor.
  • Make sure that your lips are far away from all sorts of spicy food as that can irritate the area.
  • If you want a drink in the days post-procedure, do not use a straw as filler take 14 days to settle and we don’t want “bunching”
  • Use an ice pack to soothe any discomfort.


The Don’ts:

  • Do not touch your lips repeatedly or start applying your regular lip care products as this could cause infection.
  • Do not use medicines like Ibuprofen as it can have more negative effects such as bruising and patchiness.
  • And do not drink alcohol for at least the first 48 hours.


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