17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

17 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has gained massive popularity over the course thanks to its outstanding results. There is no damage to the surrounding tissues and only the areas you want to get treated go under the light. The intense heat from the highly concentrated light beam destroys the hair follicles which reduces the recurrence of hair regrowth and even ingrown hair. The outcome is a smooth, hairless skin surface that makes you feel confident in your skin and enhances your appearance. Moreover, laser hair removal is suited for almost all the hairy areas of your body, starting from your upper lips to your back and even your legs. If you are planning to go for a laser hair removal session, here are the 17 Dos and Don’ts you should never forget.


The Dos:


• Shave the area you want to treat thoroughly on the day of the treatment. Unshaved hair may absorb light and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

• Apply sunscreen leading to the day of the session thoroughly. Laser targets dark pigments and tan could do more damage than you expect.

• If you have some medical issues, tell your doctor about them. Even the most unrelated health condition could cause problems later on.

• If you have already scheduled an appointment, stick to it. Since the laser can only work during the growth phase, a small delay could disrupt the whole process.

• Tell your doctors about the medicines you are taking. Though laser is a non-invasive treatment alternative, the meds you are on may or may not affect your laser hair removal.

• If your medication has been changed in between sessions, intimate your specialist about the same.

• If you are pregnant, you must let the therapist know beforehand. Pregnancy causes major hormonal changes in the female body which can go on to affect the outcomes of laser hair removal.


The Don’ts:


• Do not get a tan. If you have to go out in the sun regularly always use sunblock with a high SPF count or as mentioned by the doctor.

• Stay await from antibiotics. Antibiotics are very strong medicines that can make your skin photosensitive. If you have to consume antibiotics, it is safer to reschedule the appointment for laser hair removal.

• Avoid hot showers just like you would after a sunburn. The hair follicles have been destroyed with heat and hot water will only cause you discomfort.

• Don’t work out or exercise heavily on your appointment day. Working out makes your body warm from the inside and increases body heat which can is a nono before laser treatment.

• Avoid very tight clothes. Your skin has been put in under a high-intensity external agent so it needs space to breathe.

• Don’t take iron supplements and similar medication that interferes with your bloodstream as that can lead to heavy bleeding.

• Avoid beauty products. If you are planning for facial hair removal, you will have to remove your makeup anyway. So come in with a clean face without any cosmetics.

• Do not miss your appointments. As mentioned before, laser only works during the growth phase and the entire treatment is planned accordingly by the specialist.

• Do not keep any secrets from your doctors. Give them all the details about your health conditions, the medicines you have to take, and changes in your prescription, if any.

• Do not set a time limit and try to fast-forward the sessions.

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