Mastering Hair Growth Cycles and Effortless Laser Hair Removal

Mastering Hair Growth Cycles and Effortless Laser Hair Removal

Mastering Hair Growth Cycles and Effortless Laser Hair Removal

From time immemorial, we have a love-hate relationship with hair. If it’s on our head, we love it, the thicker, the better. We think it is disgusting anywhere else on the body and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Thus, it is not a surprise that the hair removal industry, especially laser hair removal, is estimated to be more than multi-million dollar.


As human beings, our hair growth cycle occurs in the following three phases:


The Anagen Phase is where the cell of the papilla starts dividing and producing hair. Papilla is a group of cells at the end of hair follicles responsible for hair growth. In this stage, the hair color is the darkest and helps hair removal by heat transference from the laser to the human hair.


The next is the Catagen Phase, also known as the transitional phase. In this phase, the papilla starts disintegrating and stops its melanin production. This phase is not ideal for laser hair removal as the older hair starts falling out and small new hair develops. If hair removal is not done effectively and diligently in this phase, it often leaves patches of undesirable hair growth.


The last one is the Telogen Phase, or the ultimate stage of this hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal is ineffective in this phase as no hair can be removed. You will have to wait for the body to start producing hair before you opt for laser hair removal. Depending on the individual, this phase can last one to three months.


If you want effective laser hair removal treatments, make follow-up appointments once every month to catch all hair in its growing stage. Failure to do so regularly may make the whole procedure ineffective. Ensure that you do not go beyond a month, that is, between four to five weeks, as then there are chances that the Anagen Phase may be gone and replaced by the Catagen Phase, which is not recommended for hair removal.


The laser hair removal enters the skin or the dermal area and reaches the hair follicle region where the papilla is located. So, catching the hair follicles in the growth phase is instrumental for effective laser hair removal.

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